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FastJump is an expert advisor based on a scalping strategy. It should be used for online trading on the M1 time frame. Its key advantage is a user-friendly trading strategy without technical analysis. The advisor reaches its maximum efficiency during news trading. It also performs well for an everyday use. The recommended deposit for working with this robot is not less than 2,000 units per 0.1 lots. The advisor employs the strategy of trading at abrupt movements. FastJump trades EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF as well as any other currency pair with high volatility. Due to its scalping nature, the robot opens many deals ensuring you a large rebate volume for closed positions. FastJump writers recommend installing it to VPS hosting for the best results. The advisor should be used with stops not higher than 3 pips for the fourth symbol. The robot also has flexible trailing-stop settings for semi-automated trading.

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Comments (3)

    kurt_kobein On 27 February 2017 At 12:12 pm
  • I use this robot a month. I like that strategy - trading on fast jamps of market. The best pairs fo it: EURUSR and GBPUSD (more volatility). I get completely 10% profit to depo every month. I think the main point of using that advisor is to choose broker with stable and reliable stop orders.

    joseph On 13 December 2016 At 04:15 pm
  • As for me, not bad adviser, this month I've earned by it 10% of depo. Only first month was poor. From that time my profit is growing up regularly.

    Fernando On 20 September 2016 At 05:03 pm
  • I don't appreciate this strategy. Maybe it doesn't fit with my broker platform. I've earned only $10 per week...