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Pardus is a mechanical trading system based on the analysis of technical indicators, market patterns, and candle analysis. The expert advisor enables its users to make high profits with minimum drawdown, thus proving its efficiency as a tool for long-term and high-profit trading with minimum risks. Pardus has a function allowing it to open positions only when trading is the most efficient amid releases of important news or macroeconomic statistics. This function helps users reap the highest profits. The Money Management mechanism included in the expert’s algorithm increases profits with sensible risks. The expert’s key feature includes two functions that are separate algorithms for buying and selling with different parameters. These functions are used for opening and monitoring of short and long positions that have different dynamic of falls and rises. Pardus can be applied to trading almost any currency pair, including crosses. The advisor also has the function of automated notification of positions’ opening and closing.

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Comments (3)

    Crew On 21 October 2016 At 03:27 pm
  • I think Pardus's price is worth it. Risk is minimal. I've check it on my real account and found that my balance grew by 5% with standart settings. I think it's good result!

    zorroman On 08 April 2016 At 03:21 pm
  • Very expensive advisor! I'm sure you can find a program with same options, but with less price. Meanwhile I've heard that Pardus can be the reason of freezing of not only trading platform, but a computer at all. Are you ready for this?

    tardus On 15 January 2016 At 03:11 pm
  • I have been looking for a link to download this EA very long, and finally found on some forum and was surprised that so many people want to download it. This means that it is really good. When I test it- I'll write.

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