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Aladdin 5 FX Gold
Aladdin 5 FX Gold




Description / Features

Aladdin 5 FX Gold is an automated trading system that does not require a user’s attention and special trading skills. The installation of the advisor takes 10 minutes or less. The instruction comes alongside the expert advisor. The expert’s advantages include stable performance even in case of high volatility, protection from deposit draining, low initial deposit ($100) and filters for entering the market. Its developer guarantees stable and lucrative trading with Aladdin 5 FX Gold. If trading with this expert advisor does not bring you profits in three months, the developer will return you the money.

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    wizard On 19 January 2016 At 03:36 pm
  • I've installed this advisor recently, and I want to say that it opens positions very rarely. Maybe the problem is in settings. But I don't want to understand in it. I don't like it.